Thursday, January 19, 2006

Improving Business Cost Efficiency with the Spy Matrix GPS

By Shawn Davis
Quite a bit of a company’s waste can be traced back to the practices of its employees. If you have a business where a company car is used, abuse can lead to your cost efficiency going down. Tools like the Spy Matrix GPS can help you keep tabs on your employees, and make sure that they are using the car only to do appropriate things to help your business. Running a company can be expensive, and you can curb some of the waste when you make use of the Spy Matrix GPS.
The Spy Matrix GPS makes use of the Global Positioning System. Since the public was allowed access to the military’s extremely precise positioning system in the year 2000, businesses and individuals have been able to track vehicles and find their way with great accuracy. This makes GPS tracking extremely useful, especially in the realm of operating a business.
When employees are allowed to use company cars, the potential for abuse is there. With rising gas prices, it is tempting for employees to run a couple extra errands while on the clock so that they do not have to use their own precious fuel. Additionally, it is very easy to just drop off the dry cleaning or even run the kids somewhere in the company car. You go to your meeting for the business, and then on your way back to the office stop off and take care of some personal errands. This not only uses up gas, but it also puts extra wear and tear on the car and wastes time that you are paying for. After all, your employees are being paid to do work for you, not run personal errands.
The Spy Matrix GPS can help you cut down on these practices. It will give you the address of each stop made in the car. You can easily see whether or not someone has left the expected route to run a business errand. Let you employees know they are being watched, and their practices will reform. You can curb business waste with help from the Spy Matrix GPS.
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Having Fun With Spy Gadgets

By Shawn Davis
While using spy gadgets can help you learn vital information and can help you protect yourself by helping you employ counter surveillance measures, there is more to them than these serious functions. There are plenty of ways to use spy gadgets to have a little innocent fun and pull pranks on your friends. But, before you use spy equipment for laughs, it is important to make sure that you are only using it on friends who appreciate a good joke. Otherwise you may find yourself subject to charges in civil or criminal court associated with invasion of privacy.
Also, before using spy gadgets to have a good time you need to make sure that the spy equipment itself is legal. After all, some spy gear is not legal in every state or country. You want to make sure that what you are using is not illegal. It is important to make sure that you are not breaking the law when you purchase these items, even when you intend to use them only in fun. However, there are plenty of goofy spy gadgets that can be purchased without you having to worry about the legal implications.
Most spy gadgets of this nature are gag gadgets that are meant to be funny. Silly disguises and bugs and devices that allow you to jump into telephone conversations at will. It can be very fun to interrupt a phone conversation between two friends and break in with a joke or some silliness. But you should be careful not to interrupt something that is serious or that is really private. Other than that, it can be a really fun to use spy gadgets to have a little fun with your friends.
Spy gadgets are both useful and fun. There is no reason to be all seriousness all the time. You can have fun with spy equipment as well. However, the other thing you have to be careful of is to not ruin sensitive equipment. While some people use their spy gear for fun on top of serious professional uses, others get only inexpensive gear for their jokes. After all, if you accidentally destroy an expensive piece of equipment that you use for counter surveillance or for investigations, then you can lose a great deal of money with the improper use of spy gadgets.
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Are You Susceptible to a Mobile Phone Spy?

By Shawn Davis
Nearly anyone can become a mobile phone spy in this day and age. This is because there are a number of devices that can allow nearly anyone to listen in, and because many mobile phones are being outfitted with GPS tracking devices. This means that it is easier for a neighbor to be a mobile phone spy, and even easier for the government to do so. And encryption does not always help, either.
Because technology has made such huge advancements, it is possible for a mobile phone spy to be just about anywhere. Some of these spies make use of equipment like scanners and interceptors. Others actually use sophisticated cell phones that look like regular cell phones but allow access to both sides of the conversation. While most scanners and interceptors can be foiled by encryption of signals, the cell phones that function as regular cell phones are immune to encryption, as the mobile phone spy has access to the phone itself.
The good news about these more sophisticated phones is that you will not likely be taken in, as long as you are vigilant about who accept a cell phone from. If someone gives you a cell phone as a gift, be aware that it may be a special mobile phone spy phone that allows them unrestricted access to what is going on around the phone, as well as to the conversations that are had over the phone. So be careful of whom you accept cell phones from.
With GPS tracking, it also makes it easier on a person who would like to be a mobile phone spy. And many phones are just made with the capability now. It has its uses, since you can figure out whether or not there is a traffic jam in your way, but it is interesting to note that it will make it easier for police and government surveillance. Of course, if you want to spy on your kids to make sure they are where they are supposed to be, then you can use these phones to become a mobile phone spy yourself.
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The Usefulness of Covert Listening Devices

By Shawn Davis
Covert listening devices are among the most useful pieces of spy equipment available. They are relatively easy to come by, and they can be very reasonably priced. Covert listening devices can allow you obtain information that you need, that you might not normally have access to. These spy bugs allow you access to the plans of others, and they can even help you protect yourself and gather information concerning things that affect you, that you may not normally be privy to.
One of the most common uses for covert listening devices is to help monitor the workplace. It is fairly simple to hide the devices above a suspended ceiling to ensure that there is a minimum of time wasted on chit chat. While there is no way to completely eliminate non-work conversations, you can certainly cut down on them by listening in to the work environment and taking appropriate action.
Covert listening devices are also very helpful when you are investigating a partner’s faithfulness. You can hide them around the house to pick up indications of clandestine visitors, or you can even use cell phones as spy bugs to listen to their conversations with others. This information can be very useful in a divorce case and also to establish yourself in the right.
If you are going to have a conversation with someone that might turn into a threat against yourself, or if you are going to be making verbal agreements, covert listening devices are great ways for you to protect yourself. You can transmit the entire conversation to a recording device and use it later for evidence as needed or to enforce a verbal commitment. You can protect your good name and make sure that someone else doesn’t try to wiggle out of a pact if you make use of listening devices that can record conversation.
Listening devices are very important parts of an arsenal of spy gear. They have many uses and can be used to help you accomplish a great many things, or even to avoid information ambushes. For the enterprising person who wants to stay ahead, there are always uses for covert listening devices.
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Cell Phone Listening Devices

By Shawn Davis
There are plenty of covert listening devices that fall into the category of cell phone listening devices. These are among the most useful of listening devices because nearly everyone has a cell phone. Additionally, cell phones are always being forgotten, lost, dropped, or left somewhere to charge. Because they are such a familiar part of our modern landscape, using cell phone listening devices is a great way to stay informed and in the loop with information that you might need to know.
Most cell phone listening devices that are inexpensive merely look like cell phones. They cannot function as cell phones in a regular sense, but they look the part. As long as your target does not try to actually make a call, you are usually okay. Some of these cell phone listening devices work more like scanners. But instead of holding a scanner, you hold the cell phone up to your ear as if you are talking and then listen to the cell signals that you intercept.
Other cell phone listening devices work as more traditional bugs. You leave them in a room and they pick up the sounds around it. Others can help you hear both sides of the phone conversation. You simply plug the cell phone bug into a phone jack and then it transmits both ends of the conversation to your listening post. You can listen in while the conversation is actually taking place, or you can set up a recorder to capture the transmission while you are gone.
The best cell phone listening devices, however, function like regular cell phones. These are special phones that allow the target to make phone calls and that also allow you to listen to the calls. Additionally, you can even listen in to what is going on around your subject, even if the person is not actively using the cell phone bug. This is extremely useful for many purposes. You can give them to employees for company use (and monitor what they are doing on company time) or use them to keep track of your kids or partner. There is plenty you can do with cell phone listening devices.
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Spy Electronics

by Shawn Davis
We use electronics everyday. They have become parts of our lives. We could hardly function without them. And this dependence on electronics extends into the realm of spy gear as well. Spy electronics are necessary to the surveillance profession. Even those who do not consider themselves professionals use spy electronics. This is because they are useful in counter surveillance measures and to do simple, individual things like protect one’s home.
Spy electronics include anything that can be used as a surveillance device. This means cameras, covert listening devices, phone taps, and the equipment that makes coordinating and running these things possible. These are devices that record information for the record. They are also devices that let you listen to or see what you would normally not have access to. They are necessities when you want to get into the world of a teenager, follow your spouse to make sure you are not being cheated on, and gather any other information that might be necessary to your professional success.
But one cannot forget the spy electronics used for purposes beyond information gathering. Law enforcement, government agencies, the military, and even bounty hunters and private investigators use electronic equipment that organizes, coordinates, and interprets information gathered. If all you have is raw information, you may not know what to do with it. Command centers are run by electronic devices that display information and even allow the people there to coordinate an information gathering effort. Computers have become essential spy electronics that are perhaps among the most important of spy equipment.
Spy electronics are very useful for a variety of reasons. Even if you are not interested in catching people for bounty or taking on investigations for others, you can use electronic spy equipment to improve your personal quality of life. If you are worried about what business associates say when you are out of the room, you can leave behind a small electronic device that looks like a pen or a cell phone and then listen in. Or protect your home from intruders and vandals by using spy electronics in the form of a surveillance system.
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The Government and Phone Taps

by Shawn Davis
Phone taps are an almost essential part of nearly any investigation. They are very common, and when someone other than the government does a tap on your line, you can usually find it. This is because non-government phone taps usually require some sort of device to be physically present on the scene, or not far from the scene. Because these devices usually involve some sort of a transmitter, you can sweep for phone bugs in order to make sure your home is safe.
Government phone taps, however, are different. Nothing is physically present at your home. There are no transmitters. Some may use a down the line tap, but for the most part, government taps are done at the phone company. They are allowed into the switchboard and can actually tap your phone right at the source of your service. This is true not only for more traditional phone setups, but also for cell phones. Your cell phone can be tapped simply by going to the service provider and getting access to the line of communication that way.
Phone taps are very helpful to the government, as it allows it to listen in for information that might support a case or to help during an investigation. However, technically a warrant must be issued for a phone tap before the government can breach your privacy in such a manner. There has to be probable cause that you are involved in some illegal doings in order for your phone to be tapped. However, once your phone is tapped there is no way for you to know until you are arrested (and if you are not, you may never know that your phone was tapped). There is no detection available for government phone taps, no matter what anyone tells you.
Sometimes mistakes are made during government phone taps. The investigators may tap into the wrong the line. This means that they could be listening in where they do not have a warrant. In such cases, the government is not supposed to be able to use information gained as evidence. They have to go back and get a new warrant, and they have to discard whatever they got from the illicit phone tap. However, the information might be used to open a new investigation. So, while you have some protections, it is important to realize that, for the most part, there really isn’t much you can do when it comes to government phone taps.
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Looking for Telephone Bugs

by Shawn Davis
If you are worried about telephone bugs, then you need to make sure that you have the right counter surveillance equipment. This will allow you to protect yourself from eavesdroppers who want to listen in on your conversations. If you want to stay private, then you need to be on the look out for telephone bugs, especially since these bugs may work beyond just your phone calls and May, in fact, also double as room monitors.
The first piece of equipment you need when searching out telephone bugs is your eyes. You need to be alert and look around. Watch people who enter your home. Do they show a great deal of interest near your phone? Someone borrowing your phone to “make a quick phone call” can easily bug it. Most people go into another room for this sort of thing, protecting them from listeners as well as from prying eyes. If you suspect someone may have been able to tamper with your phone, you can take the phone apart fairly easily to look for bugs (or just buy a new phone).
Another thing to look for when attempting to uncover phone bugs is innocent looking contraptions nearby. Is there always a cell phone charging near the phone? Do you have a new phone jack adapter? These are tip offs that the equipment may be spy gear instead of what it looks like. You can also use your eyes outside your home. Does it look like there is an extra wire somewhere that is tapping into your line? Check around for these sorts of telephone bugs is also important.
Telephone bugs often either use some of the power used by the phone or transmit a signal. A bug sweeper can help you locate these types of bugs. Some money invested in a good sweeper can help you with your counter surveillance needs as you locate intruding spy bugs. This sweeper either detect an increase in power drawn by the phone (to power the bug) or detects frequencies used to transmit signals carrying your conversations.
You need to be on your toes if you want to protect yourself from eavesdroppers using telephone bugs.
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Protect Yourself with a Spy Phone

Written by Shawn Davis
Are you worried that someone will talk to you and then renege on a verbal agreement? Has someone been making threats to you? You can get all the evidence you need when you use a spy phone to record all of your conversations. There are a variety of devices that can help you turn your own phone into a spy phone. And this will help you record your conversations and can help you use them to ensure that all agreements are carried out and that you can prove when threats are made against you.
Regular tape recorders with special adapters are perhaps the most inexpensive and easy ways to turn your phone into a spy phone. These devices allow you to record conversations and then play them back later. Today, with digital voice recorders, it is possible to even flag important parts of the conversation while you are recording. You can listen to what the other person is saying, and when it gets to the point where you are making an agreement, you can flag that on your digital recorder so that you can easily find the part of the conversation that you would like to refer to.
It is also possible to use a spy phone to record what is going on in the room, even if you are not there, and if the parties are not using the phone. Many spy phones can be outfitted with special receivers and transmitters that effectively turn the phone into a room monitor. This means that when you are not there, you can listen in to make sure that important plans are not being laid with you out of the loop. You are always in the loop, and you can protect yourself from ambush business tactics by making use of a spy phone.
A spy phone does not just have to be used in order to eavesdrop on information you have no business hearing. The best uses of these spy electronics are those that allow you to protect yourself by providing a record, and by allowing you to remain privy to information that does concern you, even though others may try to keep it from you. Protect yourself by using a spy phone.
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Listening in With Cell Phone Bugs

Written by Shawn Davis
Phone bugs are among the most used spy gadgets. It only makes sense that the use of cell phone bugs is on the rise. Everyone has a cell phone, and they are relatively easy to access using listening devices. Some cell phone bugs are the cell phones themselves. There are a wide variety of bugs that look like cell phones but really act as covert listening devices. And there are even some that work, in varying degrees, like regular cell phones but double as listening devices. If you are looking for the ultimate in listening devices, cell phone bugs are the way to go.
Cell phone bugs include a wide variety of devices. There are cell phones scanners that look like walkie talkies and that allow you to scan cell phone conversations, pulling the signals out of the air. These can also be used in some cases to intercept cordless phone conversations. However, they are difficult to use in order to pinpoint a specific phone. You have to scan the airwaves and hope that you stumble upon the conversation you want to listen to.
Other cell phone bugs look just like regular cell phones. Some of them cannot actually be used, but act as disguises for spy bugs. You leave them in a room and then listen in to what is being said when you are not there. There are some of these phone bugs that have limited use, allowing for some functions but not all. Finally, there are very advanced bugs that allow you to listen in on both sides of the conversation without either party knowing, while performing all of the regular cell phone functions. Additionally, there are phones that you can remotely activate to let you listen in on what is going on around your target, even if the phone is not in use.
Finally, the government can listen in with cell phone bugs by performing a cell phone tap. This is similar to a landline tap in that the tap is made from the service provider. This, while not a technically a bug, can result in your conversations being listened to. You probably will not be able to recognize that you are being listened to when a cell phone tap is in effect, or even when most cell phone bugs are being employed against you.
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The Military and GPS Tracking

By: Shawn Davis
GPS tracking is one of the most interesting technological advances of our time. GPS stands for Global Positioning System, and is used just for that. GPS can be used to find anyone with a tracker anywhere in the world. This is because the whole system makes use of the satellites that occupy the space above the earth. With special signals, and a little triangulation, GPS tracking can help anyone figure out where they are and plan out where they should go next.

GPS tracking began as a project especially for the United States military. In the 1980s, the system was being developed so that the military would have better capabilities on the ground to keep on target. It could also be used to help find lost soldiers and to more quickly locate the wounded. GPS provided a powerful tool for the United States and its allies. And it is still used by the military today.

Even though civilians could use GPS tracking in the late 1980s and 1990s, it was not the same system that the military used. The GPS used by civilians was less accurate and quick. The military scrambled its signals so that only it had access to the highly precise GPS calculations used in operations. This is why GPS was slow to catch on among “regular” folks. However, that all changed in 2000.

In the year 2000, at the turn of the century and the millennium, then-president Bill Clinton ordered the military to stop scrambling its GPS tracking signals. This did not mean that all of a sudden civilians could access battle plans and find out where troops were. What it did mean was that anyone with the right equipment (which is sold just about everywhere and fairly easy to get) could have access to the military’s system. This allowed anyone, individuals and businesses, to make use of the extremely accurate military system.

Since GPS tracking has been open to everyone, the marketplace has responded by making all sorts of consumer goods that allow people to find out where they are, and even track their kids and spouses. These is because the technology is so advanced that anything can be used for GPS tracking — even a cell phone.

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The Many Uses of Listening Devices

By: Shawn Davis
Listening devices are perhaps the most popular and most widely available spy gadgets out there. They range from little transmitters with poor quality to high tech devices that allow you listen in, virtually undetected able, from 300 yards away. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and disguises. Listening devices are used to gather different types of information, and can be helpful in a variety of cases where you are investigating just about anything. Covert listening devices are the best friend of any surveillance professional, and are more than helpful for the beginner or the amateur.

You can use listening devices to gather evidence and collect information on a variety of issues. They can be used to allow you to make sure that your kids are safe, that your partner is faithful, or to help you discover what others plan and say behind your back. They are immensely useful in divorce cases and custody hearings, and they can also be used to help you protect yourself from false accusations and they can even be used when you bug yourself in order to make sure you have the right way of any conversation that might have taken place.

Listening devices can be used in a variety of manners as well. You can place small and inexpensive radio frequency transmitters in nearly any room to hear what is going on. These are practically untraceable, and they are not usually noticed by the common run of people. If you are worried, however, spy bugs come in a variety of innocuous disguises that fool people into thinking that the device is a pen, a pair of reading glasses, or a cell phone. This allows you to listen in without arousing any suspicion at all.

You can learn how to tap your own phone line in order to know what people in your family are saying and whom they are calling. It is also useful to help you record all of your own conversations. Such listening devices can serve as protection to you, allowing you to have evidence against someone who might try to betray you down the road. You can accomplish just about anything you need to do with the help of listening devices.

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Satellite Surveillance

By: Shawn Davis
Satellite surveillance is one of those things that we have just become used to accepting. We see it depicted on television, and the truth is that surveillance by satellite is often very good. And the space above the planet is full of satellites that can be used to look down on whatever we might be doing. Satellites are used to track the weather, look at enemy bases and territory, and even to find people. However, the protection of privacy restricts law enforcement from using this type of surveillance too much.

Satellite surveillance can also be used by more “regular” people. Anytime you use a GPS tracker or system, you are making use of satellites to figure out position and track the location of your GPS device (whether you are using it to figure out where you are or are using it to find out where your teenager is). Satellites are used in this network to help you keep track of where you and your loved ones are.

Satellite surveillance is also occasionally used to keep track of suspected criminals or people out on parole. This is because satellite picture is so accurate. It can literally see an object three inches wide on a pavement. Of course, satellites do not just randomly “see” these things. In order to see something that small, the satellite has to be trained on that area and then directed to enhance the image. So you are unlikely to be randomly spied on to any effect from a satellite. Most surveillance of that kind on individuals is planned out for a reason.

Because satellites are run by computers, this does mean that it is possible for someone to hack into a satellite’s guidance system and hijack it. So if someone who was very savvy and capable of hacking into a satellite, it is possible that he or she could perform surveillance on you. However, most of the more powerful satellites are specially protected. It is important to note that it is possible to buy time with a satellite as well. That is what a local law enforcement agency does when it needs to use powerful government surveillance satellites to find a fugitive or a suspect.

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Spy Phone Accessories

By: Shawn Davis
Using a spy phone is a great way to get information and evidence. However, there are plenty of supplementary tools to go with your spy phone to help you make your detective work and information gathering more efficient. Some of these accessories include recorders that not only record the conversation but also decode the phone number dialed, a room monitor that can be used with any telephone, and a transmitter device disguised rather effectively as a phone jack. All of these tools can make your spying more effective.

A conversation recorder that can help you know what number was dialed out can be a very useful complement to your spy phone needs. It allows the recording of both sides of the telephone conversation, and it also records the pulse or tone signals used to dial out. This means that you can check and see what numbers were dialed out on the phone, and match those up with the properly recorded phone conversation.

Monitors that work with your spy phone needs are very effective and useful. These are sleek little devices that are very discreet; they look like a small device that one might see lying near a computer or near other electronic equipment. You can leave it in your office or at home and listen in when you are away. Its access is through the phone line, so you use a telephone receiver to listen in. It hears everything that is going on in a room, so you can be there even when you are not.

Finally, you can increase your spy phone capability by making use of a dual modular adapter. This is in actuality a radio frequency transmitter that sends two sides of the conversation to your listening post. All you need is an FM receiver and you can listen in. It works just like a regular phone jack, so your subject will not suspect a thing as you make use of your spy phone technique.

With the right accessories, you can improve your capabilities, especially when it comes to phone conversations. The phone is one of the most used communication devices, and so with the help of accessories you can be more effective in your spy phone use.

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Spy Cell Phone Technology in Russia

By: Shawn Davis
In June of 2005, Russia offered up spy cell phone technology for the use of its military, its government and its people. Of course, at $2,500 it is too expensive for most ordinary Russians to purchase. However, the fact that it is on sale is a step forward for Russian technology, as the algorithms used to make this a spy cell phone were not certified by the government, and therefore the technology was illegal. The phone was presented by the Russian Federal Security Service during the International Show of Military Equipment, Technologies, and Arms.

This particular spy cell phone is great because it provides counter surveillance help. It is called the SPM-Atlas and was developed under the direction of the Russian Federal Security Service at the Atlas Research and Development Center. The phone makes use of data encoding algorithms that can help obscure what is being said over the cell phone.

Cell phones are notorious for being intercepted able. Anyone with a cell phone scanner or an interceptor listening device can eavesdrop on your cell phone transmissions. A spy cell phone like this one that is on sale in Russia could allow you to encrypt your transmissions. You can switch into encrypted mode from open mode if you are ready to have your transmission guarded. This means that anyone trying to listen in on your conversation would hear nothing but gibberish.

Russia’s unveiling of this spy cell phone shows that it is back in the business of creating spy devices, and it adds the interesting idea of offering them to the general public. This particular phone is available at most cell phone stores in the country, and anyone with the $2,500 can buy one. The battery is a lithium battery that can run for 75 hours in standby mode. However, it is good for three hours of continuous use when in encrypted mode, which is good for most cell phones.

This phone offered by Russia is a great technological advancement and has the potential to go a long way in efforts of protecting one’s privacy and making use of effective counter surveillance, and it is in the form of a basic spy cell phone.

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The Legality of Spy Equipment

By: Shawn Davis
Obviously, a great deal of spy equipment is legal. It is used by private investigators and bounty hunters. Additionally, our federal government uses spy equipment, as do local law enforcement entities. So, with many people allowed to use surveillance equipment, it only makes sense that it is also okay for private individuals to own it. For the most part, many individual amateurs make use of spy stuff to play pranks on their friends or to protect their homes. Neither of these things is illegal (although you better be sure what kind of friend you are playing the joke on).
It is important to note, though, that different states have different laws. Some spy equipment is not legal in all 50 of the United States. Additionally, surveillance equipment may not be legal in some countries. With the Internet so prevalent, it is possible to purchase nearly anything from anywhere and have it shipped to your door. It is not the responsibility of the company that sells the spy gadgets to determine whether or not some equipment is legal where you live. That is up to you to determine.
Additionally, you should realize that even though it may not be illegal to own some spy equipment, some of the uses that you put the equipment to may carry legal ramifications. Before engaging in a specific mission, you should check your local, state, and federal laws in order to ensure that you are not treading on forbidden ground. And for some professionals in certain situations, what may be illegal for a random amateur individual is legal for someone with the right authorization.
You are pretty safe in most cases when you choose to purchase spy equipment. It can be fun to use and it can also protect your privacy and your family. But you have to make sure that you are using it appropriately. If you are a professional, you have few restrictions on you than just any random person. But you should also realize that you may operate under some very real guidelines. Using spy gear can be a rewarding and fun pastime, and it can make a good job. Just make sure that you are using your spy equipment in a legal manner.
(c) 2005 Copyright This article is about: Spy Equipment.

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The Wearable Spy Cam

By Shawn Davis
The first thing that comes to many people’s minds when they hear the term spy cam are those hidden cameras that look like regular objects. While this sort of spy cam is definitely among the most popular of surveillance equipment, there are also spy cameras small enough to be worn. Just like their counterparts that appear to be ordinary, everyday items like pictures and clocks, wearable spy cams look very commonplace. And that is the main basis of their appeal.
A wearable spy cam is very small. It may be something like a cell phone, or it can be even smaller, worn in a baseball cap or as a button. The cameras that look like accessories, like caps or jewelry, are usually made to be rather fashionable. For instance, it is possible to purchase an innocuous looking baseball cap with a Nike swoosh on it. Instead of looking like a piece of spy equipment, it merely looks like a trendy piece of headwear. But you can get a great view of any room, or “forget” it on a table and record what is happening while you are out of the room.
The wearable spy cam is very useful for a variety of reasons. As mentioned above, if the camera is located in something that is removable, it can be left behind so that you can record what goes on when you are not around. Even if you do not leave the room, the camera records everything within its scope. You might miss a detail or an action that signals something vitally important. When you have your hidden camera recording, you can watch the footage and make sure you did not miss anything.
Using a spy cam in conjunction with a small covert listening device is one of the best things you can do. This allows you to have sound with your image, putting things in a clearer context. More information is always a good thing, and listening to sounds play back can also help you jog your memory if you are not quite sure what exactly you are seeing. If you are headed out to do a little reconnaissance, don’t forget the small listening device and the wearable spy cam.
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The Importance of the Right Spy Surveillance Product

By: Shawn Davis
Part of knowing your job as surveillance professional understands the right spy surveillance product for your needs. The fact of the matter is that there are many products out there that are used for spy professionals and amateurs, and you need to be able to get the right spy surveillance product for your individual situation. Even if all you are doing is using spy products to get information for your personal use, you want to be sure that your surveillance equipment works. And when you are a professional, knowing what to use and when to use it is doubly important.
Without the right spy surveillance product you are lost. You do not have the ability to reach your full potential or to get the information you need. It is not a good situation. If you are gathering evidence, you might miss a vital piece. If you are working for someone else, you could destroy your reputation and sink your surveillance business.
You have to think about each spy surveillance product as a business investment. It is an investment in the right equipment to help you do your job. You might pay some money up front, but every savvy business owner knows that you have to “spend money to make money.” And this is true in the spy business, even if you are doing personal recon. After all, the information you collect for your own purposes, even if you are not working for someone else, could be worth a lot.
The good news is that you do not necessarily have to spend a great deal of money on the right spy surveillance product. There are many outlets and spy shops that offer equipment for low prices. Additionally, if you go to a spy shop in your town, you can get personalized help figuring out what pieces of surveillance equipment you need. You do not even have to get all of it at once. It is possible for you to get the basics to start, and then to build on your equipment cache as you have the funds available. With careful planning and thought, you can get the right spy surveillance product as you need it.
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Setting Up a Spy Mobile Phone

By: Shawn Davis
Many people, especially those who engage in surveillance to protect their families or to get information, are beginning to see the sense behind making use of a spy mobile phone. With technology becoming more sophisticated and less detectable by common means, the spy mobile phone is one of those covert listening devices that can be exceptionally useful. It falls in the category of telephone bugs, but may of these cell phone bugs are more than just cell phone listening devices; they can also help you with GPS tracking.
Setting up a spy mobile phone is relatively easy. The hardest part, if the phone is for someone not in your family to whom you would be giving a new phone, is actually getting the spy phone to the person. If you are using it to keep tabs on a child or a spouse, all you have to do is pass out new phones to everyone in the family. It becomes trickier when you have other considerations. If you are performing surveillance for someone else, have him or her give the phone to the subject. If you are going to be gathering your own information, and you don’t have a reason to give the phone to someone, you will just have to “forget” your phone somewhere or “drop” it “accidentally” in someone else’s open bag.
But before you place your spy mobile phone you need to get it ready to go. If you are using one of the latest phones, this means that you need to program in the secret phone number. The latest spy cell phone allows you to activate the phone secretly and listen to what is happening on both ends of the conversation, as well as use the phone as a room monitor. These types of cell phone bugs have two phone numbers. The first is the number that anyone can call to reach the person in possession of the cell phone. The second is a secret number that only the listener calls and uses to activate the bug.
This type of spy mobile phone is exceptionally useful, comes with a GPS tracking system that you set up on your computer and know where the phone is, and allows you to listen in, even when the phone is not in use by the subject. It is the best spy mobile phone on the market today.
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Hook Switch Bypass Phone Bugs

By: Shawn Davis
There are many types of phone bugs out there. This is because the phone is one of the easiest things to bug. Plus, because phones are practically necessary in our lives, and we use them to communicate on a very regular basis, phone bugs just make sense. In addition to making use of covert listening devices in terms of using a phone bug, it is quite likely that at some point you will become the subject of a phone tap. So, in order to be able to get a good listen when you need to, and to be aware of what might possibly used against you sometime down the line, this article is about the hook switch bypass phone bug.
These types of phone bugs are especially useful because they allow you to not only hear what is being said over the phone, but also effectively act to allow you to monitor the entire room. Someone you are keeping watch on, for evidence or for information, may not use the phone for important communications for fear that there is a phone tap. Luckily, if you have a hook switch bypass phone bug in place, you can listen in to everything that is going on in the room.
Hook switch bypass phone bugs work by modifying a part of the actual telephone. This can be done to the transmitter (the carbon microphone) or to the receiver (the dynamic earpiece). You make the modifications, allowing the phone set to pick up what is being said in the house. Then, the phone set, because it is attached to the wall jack telephone cord, sends what is heard down the phone line to a listening post. There is no need for the phone to be off the hook for this to work. Even when the phone is hung up, it will still pick up sounds and send them down the line.
You can see why these phone bugs are useful. The tough part is getting in and modifying the phone. However, with a little ingenuity it can be done rather quickly, and it is somewhat difficult to detect without the right equipment. If you are worried about being on the other end of a hook switch bypass, you can get a detector designed to find phone bugs to help you ensure the area is secure.
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Types of Spy Bug Detectors

By: Shawn Davis
If you are involved with or working in the surveillance field, or even if you are aware that others may be listening in to your private conversations, spy bug detectors are important. This is because they can help you determine whether a room is relatively safe. There are a variety of spy bug detectors available, from those designed to detect phone taps to those created to find camera spy bugs. Part of good surveillance also owns the proper counter surveillance tools. Spy bug detectors are a vital part of your arsenal.
Spy bug detectors that act as sweepers are very useful. You can turn these on and walk the room with them. They are likely to pick up on extra electronic output or to pick up radio frequency (RF) emissions. RF scanners are also very useful, as they scan for any RF energy in the room. Most covert listening devices are actually RF devices, and it is possible to wear these on one’s person.
Discretion can be used when you make use of spy bug detectors as well. There is no need to be out there with a big device, ostentatiously scanning the room. Some bug detectors look like pens, and can be used without raising too much suspicion in the person you are speaking with. And that is important. When you realize that the other person is bugged, and if you are discreet about checking for spy listening devices, then you can mislead with carefully planted information, or avoid talking about sensitive issues.
Spy bug detectors are also made that specifically search out hidden cameras. If you are worried about peepers prying into your private affairs, you need one of these. They can help you find cameras in the room, and then you can deal with them appropriately, protecting your privacy. Some spy bug detectors are designed for phone taps. These types of detectors will not usually detect a down the line tap, but spy bug detectors can be useful for finding taps on your premises and for discovering taps that are in the phone itself, including hook switch bypasses.
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Finding a Physical Phone Tap

By: Shawn Davis
If you are worried that you have a phone tap problem, there are some ways to investigate the truth and try to find the tap. A physical phone tap is one that is actually present on your phone, or present somewhere along the phone wire. Usually someone somewhere has done something to allow their phone wires to share with yours, so that they can pick up their phone and listen to your conversation — an even possibly record it. There are also transmitter taps that may be somewhere in your home and listening in. For transmitter taps, a regular “bug sweep” ought to do the trick. But for a physical phone bug? You need to do a little hunting.
The first likely physical phone tap is one that is actually attached somewhere to the wires in your house. This means that you will need to follow the wires from your phone to the jacks and also from the TNI box outside your house all the way into your home. Many of these wires go through the basement, and so you should check down there. Because there is the possibility that the physical tap could be in the wall, you might find that tearing up the wall is your only option. However, it would be very difficult for a tap to be put there without your knowledge, unless it happened during building.
The TNI box mentioned above should also be checked. You can open it up and see if there is something unusual inside. If you want to double check the side of the box that says “restricted,” you will need an alan wrench. Luckily, these are available at most hardware stores. Thoroughly checking your TNI box is a good move, as this is a likely place for people to physically tap into your line without you noticing.
Of course, if you are subject to a government phone tap, it does not really matter. This is because the government uses the phone company’s switch. There is nothing anywhere near your house to tap into. You can escape a government tap by using a prepaid cell phone (a regular cell phone can be tapped the same way as a conventional phone) or a public pay phone, but it your land line tapped, there is no detecting a government phone tap.
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